Hello and welcome to my website!
CFA registered Singapura cattery located in Moscow, Russia
Animals have always been in my heart, but the 'cat part' of my soul has not been awakened until I saw a Singapura at a cat show in the USA in 2004.
I was almost confused thinking I was seeing a playful marmoset monkey!
I was hooked at once. Back then, I lived in California. I was lucky to meet Mette Mjanger, she blessed me with her beautiful Fagervoll Singapuras.
I will always be grateful to Mette for her trust, friendship and lots of good advice.
Singapuras are irresistible cute, charming and very affectionate, they never stop admiring me. I am lucky to have these rare treasures and I keep saying:
"They are the apple of my eyes".
I hope you will enjoy my site.
Please do not hesitate to contact me!

E-mail: es@tt-c.us

Tel.: +7 903 611 93 77


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